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Our Philosophy 

We strongly believe that wine should be approachable and fun. By hosting a variety of tastings and coordinating wine-related events, we aim to provide education to the novice wine person as well as provide new wine experiences to more seasoned drinkers.

We recognize that events should not only be opportunities to learn about wine, but should also be fun occasions to socialize with friends and others in the Fuqua community. We want to encourage Wine Club participants to discuss and explore wines, share their impressions, and also very importantly, enjoy themselves responsibly.


Club Cabinet


Lila Cruikshank 
Class of 2013

Alex Schwartz
Class of 2013



Ariana Berberich     ~ Class of 2013


Corporate Outreach and Development

Julia Drake                    ~ Class of 2013


Tyson Begly          ~ Class of 2013 


Jill DeVleming                ~ Class of 2013

Chelsea MacNealy           ~ Class of 2013