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Duke MBA Energy Club FAQ:

What are the objectives of the Duke MBA Energy Club?

The Duke MBA Energy Club has four key objectives.  First, to help first year students to understand career opportunities and prepare for the job search across the industry and in a variety of functions.  Second, the club works to build a strong network with current students and alumni and other professionals in the field.  Third, the Duke MBA Energy Club aims to encourage and facilitate open discussion and dialog within the Duke University community and beyond.  Finally, the club seeks to promote and communicate the strong energy-related program offerings at Fuqua and the broader Duke University community.

How does the Club help with recruiting activities?

In addition to the formal programming outlined above, the Energy Club additionally facilitates learning between students by coordinating resume reviews, mock interviews, job search teams, and by collaborating with other professional clubs at Fuqua, including the Consulting, Finance, Net Impact, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Clubs.

The Energy Club connects students to recruiters through alumni and a variety of corporate engagement activities.  The club uses social media to keep the Fuqua and Duke energy community up to date on current events.  

What job opportunities are there for Fuqua MBAs that are interested in the Energy Industry?

Fuqua MBAs have gone on to exciting careers across the energy industry landscape, from marketing and business development roles at renewable energy start-up firms to sales and trading roles at commodity trading companies or graduate rotational programs with industry leaders, like GE.  The opportunities available to Fuqua’s talented energy students are many. 

How does the Energy Club work with EDGE, the Center for Energy, Development and Global Entrepreneurship at Fuqua?

The Energy Club works closely with EDGE.  The EDGE Center is a meeting point for the research, education and engagement at Fuqua around energy issues.  Students have many opportunities to engage with EDGE including participating in the EDGE Fellows program, research projects, and EDGE-hosted events and conferences.