Welcome to the Duke MBA European Business Club!

The European Business Club (EBC) is a community of students committed to strengthening the links between the Fuqua School of Business and Europe. The club provides access to career opportunities in Europe and adds a European flavor to the MBA experience.

Our aim is to be diverse, multicultural and inclusive, reflecting the EBC goal of providing opportunities and events for all members of the Fuqua community. EBC members are not only from many different European countries, but from all over the world – Asia, South America and the United States – all with a shared interest in European culture and career opportunities. Several of these non-European students are also actively involved as EBC cabinet members, creating and managing activities and events.

If you are a European citizen considering US business schools for your MBA, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to talk to you about our experiences at Fuqua. The following comments from some of our classmates may help to give a snapshot of how European students have found their MBA experience at Duke: 

 Antonio – Spain

“I truly felt that coming to the US to pursue my MBA was way more challenging than earning it at a Business School in Europe. The US is something really different to anything I have seen in Europe before, but something that, without any kind of doubt, is worth to find out about and live. Regarding the school choice, I cannot be happier about Fuqua. Duke provides you with everything you need to make these two years the best experience of your life: amazing classmates, an engaging faculty, best facilities, a lovely city and good weather!!!”

Lyuba - Bulgaria

"I chose to come to the US for my MBA education because it is a learning experience not only academically, but also outside the classroom. At Fuqua I found a very collaborative and team-oriented student community that is diverse not only in terms of cultural background, but also in terms of career focus."

Welcome! We look forward to hearing from you!


Lluís and Stéphane