Business in Africa Club

About Us

The Business in Africa Club was founded in 2011 by a team of students at Fuqua interested in African Business developments. From its humble begins of a mailing list of 30 people, the club has grown to a 282 people strong mailing list. The club boasts a diverse cabinet comprised of individuals with varying interests and experience in Africa. On March 21st 2012, we hosted approximately 200 attendees at our first annual Africa Innovation symposium and as a result experienced a significant increase in membership. The club is led by co-presidents: Petra Hailu, and Rotimi Thomas. 

Our Mission

Our mission is simple – To educate our student body and wider community about the business opportunities that exist in Africa. We are looking to inspire people to get involved in Africa, and claim their place in an increasingly important economic region. We accomplish this by providing our members and community with the tools and information to take action.